Sekinchan – Of Fishes & Paddy Fields

The holidays are swooping in and the urge for wanderlust sneaks into your bone and soul. But here's the catch. You live in a pricey city and you are pretty much broke. So you are probably wondering where can you visit to tame the wandering beast within without breaking the bank or spending more than … Continue reading Sekinchan – Of Fishes & Paddy Fields


Solo Karaoke? Why not!

Going for karaoke alone do not seem like an ideal plan since it is perceived as a group activity by society. But... I say why the hell not?! I've had it in my Bucket List for quite some time now and since I'm done with my studies, as well as being unemployed at the moment, I … Continue reading Solo Karaoke? Why not!

Loy KraThong Festival

Malaysia is a multicultural land. Our country and nation builds on diversity all thanks to our ancestors who came from all over the world to settle here. We were taught from young the many different cultures and beliefs that exists in our country which in turn helps us understand, respect and embrace our differences. With culture … Continue reading Loy KraThong Festival

Barbie: A World of Endless Possibilities

As a child, I played with dolls just like any other little girls in the neighbourhood but it was not your average 'Plain Jane' kind of doll. It was one with pretty blonde hair and blue eyes made out of plastic named Barbie. I was a lucky girl considering that I don't have just one but a … Continue reading Barbie: A World of Endless Possibilities

Valentines For Singles

Hello darlings ~ *sigh* Valentine's Day. A day filled with love, lust and romance. A celebration of love between lovers regardless of age and race. When I think about Valentine's Day, my mind would be filled with images of pink balloons, fluffy teddy bears and boxes of heart shaped chocolates. It is believed that Valentine's Day … Continue reading Valentines For Singles

Goodbye 2015! Hello 2016!

Happy New Year darlings!! I know it's a little late to be posting about New Years but I'm going to do it anyways because why not? Mother Earth turns another year older and so do we. Time cannot be changed nor can it be controlled. However, as human beings we can control our own actions and behavior, thus we are … Continue reading Goodbye 2015! Hello 2016!