My Experience with Windows 10


Anyone using Windows 7 or 8 would have encountered an offer to upgrade to Windows 10. My laptop is installed with a Windows 7 OS. When I saw that notification, I was intrigued but I ignored that message. Then one day I decided to take up the risk to try a new OS for my laptop. I was both excited and worried that it would not fit my laptop as it was already 5 years old.

It was a magical experience that quickly came crumbling down. The more I use it, the more frustrated I get. I only managed to endure it for two weeks (maybe less) and I immediately decided to switch it back to Windows 7. Only after the experience, I find my previous OS more reliable than ever.

Not all new things are shiny and good.

Without further a do, let’s get into THE GOOD & THE BAD of Windows 10.


After the download and installation, it started off with a tour of what’s new and improved. I find that helpful because it looks very different from Windows 7 and I needed it to know how to navigate through or I will be lost as I am not a very techie person.

Aside from the user guide, what I find interesting was how modernized and futuristic the layout looked. It’s a totally different layout from what Windows 7 have but it does have a slight similarity to Windows 8 layout. I even have a lock screen where pictures of my idol will be placed.

By using Windows 10, there is a change in the general browser of Internet Explorer to Microsoft-Edge-1220x686Microsoft Edge. Basically, both browsers have the same usage aside from the change of name and logo. The difference is that Microsoft Edge allow users to switch from a light to a dark theme just like how Google Chrome allow users to personalize their own browser with different types of themes. I was impressed by that since I prefer a darker theme. Aside from the theme, Microsoft Edge allows users to write and draw directly on the webpage with the web note function. Its just like using a Galaxy Note where a pen is provided for users to doodle on the webpage or web articles.


Further more, Windows 10 has an app store where users can download apps and games. It has the same function as the Google Play store. A lot of apps that I use on my phone are found in their app store which makes integration of information much easier and I can access them both on my phone and my laptop which I find convenient. As a ‘phone gamer’ I am finally able to create multiple accounts to play my games, how cool is that?

Lastly, there is an added feature in Windows 10 known as Cortana. Its basically a search bar use to search for items in the computer and in the net. It is a speedy access to items that you want without turning all your files upside down for it.


After the upgrade, my laptop was working slower than ever with the occasional lagging. It was starting to annoy me especially when I’m rushing to get my assignment done. I took a longer time to complete my task than I did before. I guess I knew this was going to happen since I am using an older laptop so I can’t complain.

Besides that, as a huge user of Internet Explorer, the upgrade to Microsoft Edge was not impressive at all. I expected it to be a better version of Explorer but it was worse (as if Explorer was not already bad in reputation).

Firstly, I was unable to close a selected tab. That option was unavailable when I right-click on the tabs and its inconvenient. I’m not one to open a bunch of tabs on my browser for convenience so closing a selected few is a habit of mine. Now that I can’t do that, it irritates me.

Secondly, when I tried rearranging the tabs (I’m OCD like that), my laptop either lags for a certain amount of time or it would freeze for about 2 mins. I mean seriously, no one likes a laggy laptop no matter how patient of a person you are.

Lastly, Microsoft Edge likes closing itself without me touching it. Imagine yourself reading an interesting article or watching a funny video and suddenly the browser closes. Frustrating no? It did not just happened once but multiple times which affected my research progress for my assignment.

Moreover, never have I once had my laptop restart on its own without a pop-up window to warn me. Surprise surprise Windows 10 did it. I was rushing through my assignment that day and it just restarted. I did not manage to save my work for the past hour. I was stressed out! The amount of progress I made is all gone. I was about to toss my laptop out the window. Despite my devastation at that point, I lucked out. I thanked the heavens that Microsoft Words have an autosave feature that saved my life.


Last but not least, the taskbar malfunctioned. No matter how many times I tried to click on the START button,  it would not work, so is any other item that was pinned to the taskbar. I Googled this issue and found that many other’s had experienced this problem. I’ve read some reviews regarding Windows 10 and regretted that I did not do so before the upgrade. To me, this issue was the last straw and that’s when I decided to switch it back to what it was before.

~ ~ ~

With that being said, I looked for a way to reverse my actions. Windows 10 upgrade allows users to restore the computer back to its original window OS within 30 days after the upgrade was conducted. Therefore I tried restoring back to Windows 7 but it was not a success. My files were corrupted and I was unable to start my laptop at all after the restoration process so I had to send it off to be repaired.

Now that I’ve gotten my laptop back in a clean condition since it was reformatted, I still experience problems with my laptop such as the self-restarting system after the appearance of a blue screen stating “problem with memory error”. That even happened 5 times within half an hour and also the occasional freezes that never seemed to end unless I turned my laptop off.

I wish I had not done what I did but there is no point in regretting now.

Therefore, I hope that anyone who wish to get that upgrade either do proper research to know what you are getting yourself into or get professional help to do the upgrades or downgrades for you if you are not a tech expert.


~ Photos from Google~

**P.S. This review is based on my own experiences and is of my own opinions/thoughts. There was no intention to defame the brand and the product.




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