Barbie: A World of Endless Possibilities

As a child, I played with dolls just like any other little girls in the neighbourhood but it was not your average ‘Plain Jane’ kind of doll. It was one with pretty blonde hair and blue eyes made out of plastic named Barbie. I was a lucky girl considering that I don’t have just one but a few Barbie dolls including a few sets such as a Pet Collection, Bathroom set, Classroom set etc. Not only was Barbie a favourite past time for children, it even inspired Aqua to write a song about it called “Barbie Girl”.

Why bring up a memory from the past you ask? Well, its because I get to witness the Barbie “World of Endless Possibilities” exhibit last week.


This marvelous exhibition was held at the Orange Concourse of Sunway Pyramid which lasted for 7 days starting from 6th June til 12th June. It displayed almost 200 dolls boxed up in glass casings for all to see. It exhibited the evolution of Barbie from the very first doll – dressed in a black and white swimsuit, to Mattel’s newest creation.

It is free to the public thus people from all over town came to gaze at the beauty of the dolls and dresses. While the adults get to marvel at it nostalgically, the kids get to enjoy the many activities installed such as the Cupcake Decorating contest and a Dress Up parlour for the kiddies who want their photos taken with beautiful dresses at the photo booth. It was interesting to watch the kids unleash their imagination and creativity during the Cupcake Decorating contest. The winner gets a gift while the others.. well nothing was lost since they get to eat the delicious cupcake at the end *laughs*.


The dolls were beautiful but I believe that it is the outfits that has caught the public’s attention. The designs were exquisite ranging from designer labels (i.e. Vera Wang, Chanel & Armani) to fantasy creations such as the Swan Queen. Mattel also expressed a level of diversity through the display of multiracial dolls wearing their respective culture’s traditional clothing.

Check out some of the most exquisite displays below (click to enlarge).


The Debut – First ever Barbie was created

Designer Collection

Iconic Collection

Fantasy Collection

One Malaysia – 3 Main cultures

Culture Inspired Collection

Glitz & Glamour

Last but not least, something that I’ve personally owned.. The Classroom set! This has brought back fond memories.

classroom_setBarbie Classroom Set

~ ~ ~

These are only some of the dolls displayed at the exhibit that I find divine and worth sharing. My favourite would definitely be the Stardust doll. The beautiful and shimmering jewels on a piece of cloth that is dark as the night looks just like the stars in the sky.

Which is your favourite piece? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.


~ Photos by yours truly ~


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