Solo Karaoke? Why not!

Going for karaoke alone do not seem like an ideal plan since it is perceived as a group activity by society. But… I say why the hell not?!

I’ve had it in my Bucket List for quite some time now and since I’m done with my studies, as well as being unemployed at the moment, I took this opportunity to finally check it off my list of “To-Dos” before I go diving into the corporate world and begin my busy life. Since I have a day off from all social encounters, I decided to spend “Me Time” belting out funky tunes and dance around funny.

Let it Out! No Judgements!

When you’re singing with a group of friends, no matter how close of a friend they are to you, being human you can’t help but still feel a little bit insecure that you could be judged by your song choice or your voice. So you try to be prim and proper at times and even if you’re comfortable enough to release yourself, you will still never feel 100% free.

I took this opportunity to just unleash my inner demon and sang at the top of my lungs as I usually do in the shower not worrying how my voice would crack when I go too high pitch.

Unlimited Song Choices – Guilt Free!

Another really awesome part of singing solo is that you are in control of the playlist. You get to pick and choose what ever suits your fancy without worrying whether your group would enjoy your song choice or not.

Release Your Pent Up Anger & Stress

Life has it’s ups and downs, we all have a mask to put on to cover all that anger and pain. Why not take this opportunity to get it all out? As I’ve said before, UNLEASH THAT DEMON WITHIN!

Belt it out and get your rage out because after the session is over, trust me, you will feel so much better than you ever did before. Cry if you have to with that one sad song that speaks to you in ways only you can understand.

But it Does Get a Little Lonely..

Despite the fact that I did enjoy my solo performance to an imaginary crowd, it does get a tad bit lonely when you have no one to share your awesome solo piece with. Usually when you have a crowd, they cheer or sing together with you which is fun too!

~ ~ ~

Overall this was a very interesting experience in my opinion. It definitely would not be my last time going off to sing alone in a dark room. If you get the chance, do try it out on your own and don’t worry about what others think of you. The only thought they will have in their head when they see you is “Wow I envy her/him for being so brave to go solo!”



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