About Me

Hi I’m Aly. The face behind Le Petit Scribbler. I’m 22 years young and I am an amateur blogger, an accounting student & a part time retail assistant. I’m your average, everyday, simple girl still in the process of self-discovery.

Words that describes me? Introvert. Cool/Calm. Movie Buff. Music LoverFoodie.

I aspire to become a great writer and hopefully a best selling author someday in the future. I wrote stories for fun when I was younger and I find joy in seeing my characters come to life with just mere words that I wrote on paper. And with that I found my dream to become a writer.

On January 2016, I decided to start a blog, using it as a space to express my viewsthoughts, & experiences. With this blog, I hope it can help with my journey of self-discovery & also a stepping stone to achieve my dream.

I hope that my readers can be part of this journey with me. Any comments or thoughtful insights would be much appreciated.

I hope you find what you’re looking for here. Enjoy!



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